WOW! Variable Airflow Gas Conveyor Oven, 38" Heating Zone

Bake Faster And At A Lower Temperature Than Other Ovens

Central Model#: 355-032 Brand: Middleby Marshall Mfg Part#: PS638G-1
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Product Details

The Middleby Marshall WOW! Variable Gas Conveyor Oven is designed to give full control of the air flow to the user. It uses the best technology for precision and lasting performance. With full control on the air flow in the backing chamber, the user can ensure optimal cooking results. A main control switch enables adjustability of the air flow as well as the temperature settings. With a simple switch and adjustor, there is no training required to use and operate this equipment. The main control panel also saves time by quickly adjusting air flow and temperature according to the products demand. It benefits the production, which proves to be of help specially during peak hours.

The exterior of this gas conveyor oven is made to be cool to touch. This is done to ensure there are no accidents or burns while operating this equipment. The gas conveyor oven is engineered to cook an endless variety of dishes. From sandwiches and pizzas to seafood and chicken, this WOW kitchen equipment can be used to cook anything.

This oven's features also include Impingement PLUS! which means low oven profile and dual air return for better consistency in heat. With the help of the integrated Patented Energy Management System (EMS), this conveyor oven unit consumes less gas while still increasing the cooking efficiency. Additionally, the electronic control of the unit is also programmed in one energy-saving mode. Automatic energy "eye" detects and saves energy when there is no food present inside the oven. Its environmentally friendly construction and improved performance make it cost effective for industrial kitchens. Its advanced technology air delivery system speeds up the baking time by 30% when compared to a standard conveyor oven.

The WOW! Variable Gas Conveyor Oven is designed for easy cleaning. Removable parts like crumb pans and folding conveyor belt assembly make it easy to access any soiled spaces inside and clean them. Disassembly and reassembly of each oven component is simple and quick to make the cleaning process convenient. The user can easily access the control compartment for routine service.

Additional features include:

  • The Middleby Marshall WOW! Variable Gas Conveyor Oven is designed technologically advanced for dynamic performance without much energy consumption
  • It allows the user to control air flow in baking chamber for best results
  • The main control allows quick air flow modifications allowing immediate results
  • The main control also provides complete control on time and temperature
  • Despite the heated baking chamber, the exterior of the oven stays cool to touch for safety measures
  • The oven is engineered to cook a variety of dishes including pizza, sandwiches, chicken, seafood
  • It integrates Impingement PLUS! design with low oven profile and dual air return
  • Patented EMS reduces gas consumption to make this conveyor oven cost effective kitchen equipment
  • Automatic energy eye" saves energy by detecting when there is no food product inside the oven
  • Advanced technology air delivery system bakes 30% faster as compared to standard conveyor ovens
  • With removal and easy to reassemble parts, the oven is easy to clean and maintain
  • Access to the control compartment is easy for routine services
  • Temperature Range: +200°F to +550°F
  • Dimensions: 26"Wx46-1/4"Dx42"H
  • Weight: 734 lbs.


This Product Ranks 23 Out Of 30 In Conveyor Pizza Ovens.

Central Model#: 355-032
Width: 26"
Depth: 4614"
Height: 42"
Length: 6514"
Temp Range: +200°F to +550°F
Type: Gas
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  • What are the benefits of owning a conveyor oven?

    • It insures quality and consistency of your product. Just put a pizza on the conveyor, you can then work on something else, and in a few minutes the pizza will be done. This makes the conveyor oven a good solution where there is plenty of work to be done and limited staff to do it. Additionally, it takes the worry out of food safety and reduces liability.
  • What belt speed and temperature should I start out with?

    • For a fresh dough regular crust (hand tossed) product, it?s good to start at a belt speed of 6 to 8 minutes and at an oven temperature of 475F to 510F. Always start with cheese pizza and perfect it! Then introduce additional toppings, checking doneness until you are satisfied. Remember ?time is doneness, temperature is color?.
  • Can I place product right on the belt?

    • If the crust is par-cooked and rigid, then yes! This will also decrease your belt speed since the par-cooked dough needs less time to cook when compared to fresh dough. If the crust is Fresh dough, then No as Fresh dough will just seep through and cook around the belt, which will not allow the proper removal of product once it?s cooked.
  • Why does my pizza look cooked but the crust is still not crispy?

    • Typically, this means the belt speed is to too fast and the temperature is too high. The product is ?searing? and not allowing the heat to penetrate the product. Slow down the belt speed and lower the temperature to assure proper baking.
  • How often do I need to clean my oven?

    • There are daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning requirements to ensure proper function of the oven. Refer to the owner?s manual maintenance section for more info.
  • How important is it that my oven is plugged into the correct voltage?

    • Extremely! Check with a qualified electrician before ordering.
  • Do I need to place this oven under a hood?

    • All Middleby Marshall Ovens require an exhaust hood.