Vulcan ABC7G Gas, Boilerless Gas Combi Oven

Ultimate ease of use—just set the temperature, time, and go!

Central Model#: 515-B32 Brand: Vulcan Mfg Part#: ABC7G-NATP
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Product Details

The Vulcan ABC7G Gas Boilerless Combi Oven is high-end equipment that is engineered to be used in industrial kitchens. The unit integrates three knobs and no modes to make operations easy and straightforward. These knobs offer complete control of temperature, time, and humidity to ensure that the food is prepared delectably. Large LED displays offer clear data for all three controls. The unit also features a visual recall display of actual temperature and humidity LEDs to offer an easier comparison. Batch cooking becomes easier with the auto-adjusting timer, which reloads automatically after completion of each timed cycle. It prevents the extra effort that goes into resetting the timer every time a new batch is put in for the cooking. The staff also does not need to keep an eye on when the timed cycle ends. This equipment has a flashing door light and audible alarm system that alerts the user when the cooking cycle finishes.

Patent-pending humidity control is assimilated into the unit. It adjusts automatically after the temperature is set. This minimizes the manual efforts, saves time, and boosts production during the peak hours and on the days when the kitchen is low on staff. Despite being single equipment, the combi oven can take up the tasks of multiple units. It can steam, bake, roast, air-fry, poach, stew, low temp, and defrost. In addition to these features, the unit is also designed for the purpose of rethermalizing, proofing, and finishing in order to ensure that the results are delicious. All kinds of big and small restaurants can use this combi oven to create comprehensive menus.

The Vulcan Boilerless Combi Oven uses direct steam creation to improve cooking capability, saves time, and increases the production. Its boilerless and steam mechanism also consumes less energy and water, which proves cost-effective in the long run. The unit has an auto-reversing fan that runs on the electronic braking system integrated on its fan motor. The interior of this unit comes lit up with halogen lights that are fitted in the door behind the reflective inner glass. The clear glass also makes monitoring the food easy without having to open and close the door repeatedly. The four Grab-n-Go racks with a gripping cutout design allow easy access to the pans. Made with stainless steel, the racks are durable and prevent corrosion. In addition to these racks, the cavity, top, and sides are also crafted in stainless steel. They are all fully-insulated for better performance.

Additional Features include:

  • The Vulcan ABC7G Gas Boilerless Combi Oven is a stainless steel model that is designed to be durable, anti-corrosive, and resistant to abrasion for long lasting use
  • Full of features, it can be used for baking, steaming, roasting, air-frying, rethermalizing, proofing, finishing, poaching, stewing, low temp, and defrosting the food
  • Its boilerless design uses direct steam creation to optimize cooking capability and production, while reducing the consumption of energy and water
  • This unit is engineered with three knobs to control temperature, adjust humidity, and set timers
  • Boilerless Combi Oven Temperature Range: 80-450° F
  • Boilerless Combi Oven Timer Range: Up to 23:59 hours and minutes
  • Boilerless Combi Oven Humidity Range: 0-100 percent
  • Patent-pending humidity level control adjusts automatically after setting temperature
  • The timer also readjusts automatically once a timed cycle is complete
  • Flashing door light and alarm system alerts the user of completion of timed cycle
  • The machine diagnostics are easy to access with the help of controls or USB
  • All the stainless steel parts come fully insulated for better performance
  • Cool to the touch and energy-efficient heat reflective tempered glass door is fitted with stainless steel racks for easy access to pans
  • The unit is supplied with one-year parts and labor warranty


Central Model#: 515-B32
Width: 4214"
Depth: 4313"
Height: 35"
BTU: 80,000
Door Type: Glass
Temp Range: +80°F to +450°F
Type: Gas
Power Type: Gas