Middleby Marshall PS528G-1 Countertop Conveyor Oven, Gas, Single Stack

Bake faster and at lower temperatures with the Middleby Marshall PS528G-1

Central Model#: 355-022 Brand: Middleby Marshall Mfg Part#: PS528G
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Product Details

The Middleby Marshall PS528G-1 Countertop Conveyor Oven s a single stack cooking equipment ideal for every restaurant. It is fully equipped to prepare delicious bagels, pizzas, sandwiches, seafood, and even traditional foods. This oven is perfect for those conditions when you need quickness in the kitchen. Just put the food on top and work on something else; meanwhile, it will be done. This countertop oven directly fired by the gas bakes fast at the lower temperatures, saving a lot of fuel. Most of the parts in this oven are removable making it easy to clean. Made with stainless steel material, there is no need to worry about the durability of the oven. This Middleby oven has a front opening panel with 28" big cooking chamber that allows you to cook larger batches of the meals even when there is a shortage of staff. Experience precise cooking days with this oven as it has a microprocessor-controlled bake time along with conveyor speed. You can keep an eye on the cooking meal and check it continuously as there is a 15W front window. There are 6" and 12" extension trays that come out from both the sides to extract food with convenience. The unit has 4 legs with casters that are fully furnished and hold it steadily. The knobs fixated on the extension trays to regulate the temperature and cooking of the food.

The baking area gas oven is 3.5 sq. ft. for a comfortable cooking experience. The 18" wide x 50" long belt helps in consistent cooking of high volume when the same kind of products has to be prepared. The oven uses an energy management system that decreases the level of energy consumption along with an increase in the efficiency of cooking. All the parts of this oven-like crumb pans, exit tray, conveyor belt, end panels, and air fingers are removable, making the process of cleaning easy and quick. Access the oven easily with the control compartments. With single-stack configuration, the utility does not take much space in the commercial kitchen and allows you to cook multiple of the same dishes in one round. This oven works with natural gas but can also be converted to LP gas with a 208V connection. You can heat up the Middleby oven till 600 degrees Fahrenheit without worrying about the cooking efficiency as it works on 50,000 BTU. It is cool to touch for easy operation by your kitchen staff. In case your food is rigid and par-cooked, you can also put in directly on the belt. This reduces the speed of your oven belt as the par-cooked food does not need a lot of time to get fully prepared. When you are cooking meals in heavy volume, you will observe a lot of steam, smell, smoke, and heat coming out of the oven. This requires a proper ventilation system and the Middleby Marshall oven requires an exhaust hood for covering so that the smell does not linger on in the kitchen. It traps and absorbs the grease as well so that it does not build upon the appliances and cabinets.

Additional Features include:

  • The Middleby Marshall model PS528G-1 Countertop Conveyor Oven & Gas have stainless steel interiors, walls, and sides
  • The measurements of this conveyor oven are 68" Width x 40 3/4" Depth x 21 1/8"Height
  • It has a single stack configuration that works with convertible natural gas
  • It has removable end panels, crumb pans, conveyor belt, exit tray, and air fingers for easy cleaning
  • It has a 15 wide window at the front that allows you to view and access the food items
  • There is a requirement for ventilation hood


This Product Ranks 4 Out Of 30 In Conveyor Pizza Ovens.

Central Model#: 355-022
Width: 68"
Depth: 4034"
Height: 2118"
BTU: 50,000
Size: 68"W
Style: Impingement
Type: Conveyor Oven
Catalog Page: View on Catalog Page 101
  • What are the benefits of owning a conveyor oven?

    • It insures quality and consistency of your product. Just put a pizza on the conveyor, you can then work on something else, and in a few minutes the pizza will be done. This makes the conveyor oven a good solution where there is plenty of work to be done and limited staff to do it. Additionally, it takes the worry out of food safety and reduces liability.
  • What belt speed and temperature should I start out with?

    • For a fresh dough regular crust (hand tossed) product, it?s good to start at a belt speed of 6 to 8 minutes and at an oven temperature of 475F to 510F. Always start with cheese pizza and perfect it! Then introduce additional toppings, checking doneness until you are satisfied. Remember ?time is doneness, temperature is color?.
  • Can I place product right on the belt?

    • If the crust is par-cooked and rigid, then yes! This will also decrease your belt speed since the par-cooked dough needs less time to cook when compared to fresh dough. If the crust is Fresh dough, then No as Fresh dough will just seep through and cook around the belt, which will not allow the proper removal of product once it?s cooked.
  • Why does my pizza look cooked but the crust is still not crispy?

    • Typically, this means the belt speed is to too fast and the temperature is too high. The product is ?searing? and not allowing the heat to penetrate the product. Slow down the belt speed and lower the temperature to assure proper baking.
  • How often do I need to clean my oven?

    • There are daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning requirements to ensure proper function of the oven. Refer to the owner?s manual maintenance section for more info.
  • How important is it that my oven is plugged into the correct voltage?

    • Extremely! Check with a qualified electrician before ordering.
  • Do I need to place this oven under a hood?

    • All Middleby Marshall Ovens require an exhaust hood.