Jackson TempStar VL - Ventless Door Type Dishwasher

Sani-Sure Ensures Proper Rinse Water Temperature

Central Model#: 670-039 Brand: Jackson Mfg Part#: TEMPSTAR
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The JacksonTempStarVL Ventless Door Type Dishwasher is a brilliant and durable commercial foodservice application unit that would bring down expenses and improve operational efficiency. Its high-temperature door design features the energy recovery mechanism. The model is ventless and does not require a hood. The energy recovery system on this dishwasher efficiently collects water vapor inside the machine and uses it to heat up the incoming water. The process helps in reducing energy consumption and eliminates the need for a ventilation hood. This dishwasher allows users to clean up to 37 racks of dishes per hour using only 0.72 gal water per rack.

JacksonTempStarVL features the Sani-Sure technology that ensures proper rinse water temperature. Its less water using mechanism not only increases productivity but also helps in conserving water which makes it a highly cost-effective product. The machine has a 20-3/4"x27" opening accepts full-size sheet pans and 60 qt. mixing bowls. It is appropriate for washing taller and bulkier items with ease. With its auto-start feature, the washing cycle immediately begins as soon as the door is shut. A 70°Frise booster heater comes with the dishwasher machine that helps provide suitable rinse temperatures. The integrated design of the booster heater eliminates the need for a separate electrical connection.

Built to withstand heavy-duty use, the machine is made of rugged stainless steel that can withstand humid conditions in a dish room. Specially designed, thestainless steelnozzle prevents clogging that in turn ensures a highly efficient cleaning action. Adelimerswitch is also included in the unit that helps remove hard water deposits to keep the dishes extra clean. Other features include a multi-cycle timer, a self-draining pump, a hi-limitthermostat, and a low water protection mechanism. Thiswarewashingunit is field convertible and requires a 208/230V, three-phase electrical connection to function.

  • JacksonTempStarVL Ventless Door Type Dishwasher with high-temperature door design and energy recovery mechanism
  • Energy recovery system collects water vapor inside to reduce energy consumption
  • Cleans 37 racks ofdishes per hour using only 0.72 gal water per rack
  • Sani-Sure technology ensures proper rinse water temperature
  • Less water using mechanism conserves water
  • 20-3/4"x27" opening accepts full-size sheet pans and 60 qt. mixing bowls
  • Appropriate for washing taller and bulkier dishes with ease
  • Auto-start feature immediately starts the cleaning process as soon as the door is shut
  • Comes with 70°F rise booster heater for suitable rinse temperatures
  • Integrated design eliminates the need for a separate electrical connection
  • Built to withstand heavy-duty use
  • Made of rugged stainless steel that can withstand humid conditions in a dish room
  • Stainless steel nozzle prevents clogging
  • Ensures highly efficient cleaning action
  • Delimerswitch included to remove hard water deposits for dishes to be extra clean
  • Multi-cycle timer, a self-draining pump, a hi-limit thermostat, and a low water protection mechanism
  • Field convertible and requires a 208/230V, three-phase electrical connection to function


This Product Ranks 11 Out Of 35 In Door Type Dishwashers.

prop65 warning

WARNING: This product can expose you to Bisphenol A (BPA), which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.

Central Model#: 670-039
Width: 2514"
Depth: 3012"
Height: 82"
Capacity: 39 racks per hour
Phase: 1 | 3
Style: High Temperature
Type: Single Rack
Voltage: 208V | 230V | 460V
Water Usage: 0.89 gallons of water per rack
Catalog Page: View on Catalog Page 191
  • This is a high temperature dishmachine. Is this the right choice for me?

    • High temp units use heat instead of chemicals to sanitize your soiled wares.

      PROS of high temp units: They greatly save you money on chemicals, clean greasy and sticky items more effectively (think cheese, egg yolk, lipstick), dry dishes more effectively, and don't leave a chemical residue or odor on your glasses.

      CONS of high temp units: They use more energy than low temp (chemical sanitizing) machines, usually release steam when the door is opened after a cycle, and have a higher initial cost.
  • Do I need to put a water filter on this unit?

    • Testing your water for hardness is always a good idea, even if you know what your area's water is like in general. Hard water can be very rough on commercial dishmachines. Depending on the quality of incoming water, a water softener and/or water filtration system may be recommended. Ask your Product Consultant for more information! You must still routinely check your dishwasher for scale buildup, and delime when necessary. Scale can quickly cause problems with a machine's performance, and most manufacturers won't cover scale-related service in their warranties.
  • What's the difference between a door type dishwasher and a conveyor dishwasher?

    • A door type dishwasher, also known as a rack type dishwasher, takes up much less space than a conveyor dishwasher. Like a conveyor model however, door type units have a higher per hour rack capacity than undercounter machines, and connect to clean and/or dirty dishtables for an efficient cleaning workflow. Contact a Central Product Consultant to find just the right dishmachine for your needs!
  • Do I need an electrician to install my door type dishwasher?

    • Yes. It is unlikely - whatever model you choose - that your door type dishmachine will just run off a simple plug. A qualified electrician should handle the installation.
  • What options and accessories are available for this model?

    • Upcharge options for a Jackson TempStar dishwasher include flanged feet, security package, Scaltrol, safety door interlock, and more. Accessories available include a variety of different racks.
  • What is Sani-Sure?

    • Jackson TempStar dishmachines all feature Sani-Sure, which assures proper rinse water temperature. Very important for making sure dishes are perfectly sanitized, load after load!
  • Our dishes aren't getting dry enough. What could be the issue?

    • A common reason for glasses and other dishware not drying completely is not using enough rinse-aid. Checking rinse-aid levels, and adjusting as necessary, should be a part of your establishment's daily routine.