Hobart LXER-2 Undercounter Dishwasher High Temp Sanitizing Unit

Energy Savings and Maximum Sanitizing Power with the Hobart LXER-2

Central Model#: 492-103 Brand: Hobart Mfg Part#: LXER-2
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Product Details

The Hobart LXER-2 Undercounter Dishwasher Unit is engineered to keep up with the demanding environment of a high-volume industrial kitchen. Made with cutting-edge technology and features, this unit cuts down on energy consumption without sacrificing production. Easy to operate, the equipment brings convenience to the workflow so the staff could focus on other important tasks as well. Constructed using stainless steel, this unit is extremely sturdy and resists damage-causing rust, corrosion, impact, and abrasion. It stands on a stainless steel base with 6-inch legs that elevate the equipment slightly above the ground. Its silver steel exterior adds a professional look to the dishwasher, making it apt for use in the industrial spaces, such as restaurants and hotels. The unit features three programmable wash cycles that can be customized depending on the kitchens production. The light load cycle can wash up to 30 racks per hour, the normal load cycle can handle up to 24 racks per hour, and the heavy load one washes 13 racks per hour. The process of deliming is automated in this dishwasher, which means the deliming cycle will start and stop depending on the necessity, helping to keep the dish machine operate at its best. This unit is able to wash everything ranging from flatware to glassware, pots, and pans. It features a service diagnostic system with a digital display on the top front. In addition to the visual alarm, it also has an audible alarm that alerts the user when it requires refilling or when the scrap screen needs to be emptied.

The Hobart LXER-2 Undercounter Dishwasher Unit has a high-end, cost-effective Energy Recovery design. By using this innovative technology, this hot water dishwashing unit recycles steam heat to preheat cold inlet water. The process reduces the amount of steam used at the end of each cycle and thus saves energy and cost. A Sense-A-Temp electric booster heater is added to the equipment for effective cleaning of the stains from the glassware. The hot water sanitization also reduces the cost by eliminating the need to purchase and use harmful chemical sanitizers. Not using the chemicals means no more unwanted odor on the glassware or the chances of any white soapy residue. Making operations further easier is the 17-inch door of this dishwasher unit. Once the door is opened to its full width, the user can easily slide in dish racks and make the needed adjustments to the revolving arm.

Additional Features include:

  • The Hobart LXER-2 Undercounter Dishwasher Unit is made with stainless steel for a presentable finish and lasting durability
  • It is designed to clean all kinds of dishes includes pots, pans, flatware, and glassware
  • The unit features anti-clogging wash arms and revolving upper and lower rinse arms that can be adjusted when the door is opened
  • With a 17-inch wide opening, the dishwasher allows the user to easily slide racks inside it
  • Extra convenience is offered by 1 peg type rack and 1 combination rack that is supplied with this unit.
  • Detergent, rinse aid, and delimer pumps come included in the equipment to save time and cost that goes into installation
  • Deliming cycle works automatically for efficient cleaning of the dishes
  • With its energy recovering technology, this hot water sanitizing unit recycles steam heat to preheat cold inlet water for energy efficiency
  • Integrated Sense-A-Temp electric booster heater effectively removes stains such as those made by lipsticks, syrups, or other stubborn residues from glassware
  • The unit does not require additional purchase of chemical sanitizers to clean the dishes
  • This dishwashing unit is NSF approved, cULus listed, and Energy Star qualified
  • It is supplied with a -inch water connection, power cord kits, DWT-LXe drain water tempering kit, and an external caster kit


This Product Ranks 4 Out Of 27 In Undercounter Dishwashers.

prop65 warning

WARNING: This product can expose you to Chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer and or reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.

Central Model#: 492-103
Width: 24"
Depth: 2634
Height: 3212
Catalog Page: View on Catalog Page 189
  • This is a high temperature dishmachine. Is this the right choice for me?

    • High temp units use heat instead of chemicals to sanitize your soiled wares.

      PROS of high temp units: They greatly save you money on chemicals, clean greasy and sticky items more effectively (think cheese, egg yolk, lipstick), dry dishes more effectively, and don't leave a chemical residue or odor on your glasses.

      CONS of high temp units: They use more energy than low temp (chemical sanitizing) machines, usually release steam when the door is opened after a cycle, and have a higher initial cost.
  • What are the benefits of an undercounter dishwasher over a three-compartment sink?

    • Undercounter dishmachines take up less space than three-compartment sinks, and always properly sanitize the load, so can be a great choice when space is tight and/or when looking to enhance food safety.
  • I have a lot of pots and pans, half sheet pans, and large mixing bowls to wash. How do I choose the right undercounter dishwasher?

    • First, the door opening and inside height of undercounter dishmachines vary a lot. For the products mentioned, you'll need the largest door opening size. Second, depending on the volume of soiled wares being washed per day, a door type or conveyor dishwasher may be a better choice for these types of products. You can always call, chat or text us for an expert product consultation!
  • Do I need to put a water filter on this unit?

    • Testing your water for hardness is always a good idea, even if you know what your area's water is like in general. Hard water can be very rough on commercial dishmachines. Depending on the quality of incoming water, a water softener and/or water filtration system may be recommended. Ask your Product Consultant for more information! You must still routinely check your dishwasher for scale buildup, and delime when necessary. Scale can quickly cause problems with a machine's performance, and most manufacturers won't cover scale-related service in their warranties.
  • What size racks and trays will this unit hold?

    • Hobart LXE dishmachines accommodate racks from 10"x20" to 20"x20", and also accepts 16"x18" cafeteria trays.
  • What type of racks come with this unit?

    • The Hobart LXE dishmachines come standard with two dishracks - one peg and one combination type.
  • What types of accessories are available for this machine?

    • Accessories available for this Hobart dishmachine include a stainless steel base with 6" legs, a 17" stainless steel stand with storage, a caster kit, a drain water tempering kit, and power cord kits.
  • Our dishes aren't getting dry enough. What could be the issue?

    • A common reason for glasses and other dishware not drying completely is not using enough rinse-aid. Checking rinse-aid levels, and adjusting as necessary, should be a part of your establishment's daily routine.