Choosing the right commercial kitchen equipment is crucial for the success of your foodservice business. Central's massive selection of industrial cooking equipment and commercial kitchen appliances makes it simple to find the products you need to help your restaurant thrive. Roast, broil, and sear with our selection of commercial ovens, ranges, grills, and charbroilers. Keep meals warm and ready to serve to guests in one of our holding cabinets, or crisp up appetizers to order in a commercial deep fryer. Central's catalog of restaurant kitchen equipment and cooking essentials also includes everything from pop-up toasters and waffle makers to commercial steamers and range accessories.

Commercial Ovens

Commercial ovens are high-volume kitchen warriors. Commercial convection ovens use circulating air to cook quickly and evenly. Alternatively, combination (or combi) ovens are a jack of all trades, allowing for multiple functions in a single unit. Don't forget rapid cook ovens if you need to serve hot, fresh food in record time!

Commercial Ranges

When it comes to restaurant kitchen equipment, commercial ranges are the key to success. A commercial stove is an all-purpose workhorse, while an induction range reduces the heat in your kitchen and allows for precise and quick temperature changes. Shop our selection of commercial hot plates with electric and gas cooktops, as well.

Commercial Deep Fryers

Commercial deep fryers give you the freedom to cook almost any food to crispy perfection. Whether you’re looking for an electric deep fryer, gas deep fryer, or countertop fryer, Central has what you need to serve the best fried foods possible. Take a look at top-quality brands like Pitco and Frymaster to find the perfect fryer and accessories for your kitchen.


Commercial Griddles

Commercial griddles can help create efficiencies in any size operation. Whether you’re looking for a gas or electric flat top griddle, the large flat space is perfect for cooking. Don't forget to check our inventory of kitchen equipment for side splash kits, mounting hardware, and plate shelving.

Commercial Steamers

Improve your menu's healthy options with help from a commercial steamer. These versatile commercial kitchen appliances make it simple to steam vegetables, tortillas, seafood, pastas, and more. Check out our selection of electric and gas steam kettles, as well as fast-cooking convection steamers.

Warming & Holding Equipment

Commercial food warmers keep your food at a safe temperature, whether you're waiting for meal service or transporting dishes to a catered event. Central offers a wide variety of constructions, configurations, and price points of warming cabinets and heat lamps to meet your needs.


Charbroilers & Grills

Charbroilers and grills bring the heat to your commercial kitchen and help you cook with confidence, thanks to their predictable and consistent heat. Countertop grills save valuable floor space and are perfect for preparing a huge variety of dishes!

Commercial Hoods

Commercial range hoods are crucial to a safe foodservice operation. Central offers several kinds of range hoods to fit your kitchen configurations and needs. Choose from restaurant exhaust hoods, commercial vent hoods, and condesate hoods. Ventless hoods and grease containment systems create additional layers of safety.

Commercial Toasters

Whether you run the town's breakfast hot spot and need a high-production toaster or a corner cafe where you toast the occasional bagel, Central has a commercial toaster oven for your needs. Vertical conveyor toasters handle up to 1,800 slices per hour, while pop-up toasters are perfect for smaller volumes.


Range Accessories

Commercial cooking equipment is only as good as the accessories used to power it. Safely operate gas-powered equipment with reliable gas connectors and gas hoses. Transport your range with sturdy casters, and cook crowd-sized portions with strong, durable oven racks. Central offers accessories that optimize the performance of every range!

Waffle & Crepe Machines

Whip up delicious breakfasts with waffle and crepe machines from Central Restaurant Products. We offer a variety of top Belgian waffle bakers and standard commercial waffle makers for your restaurant. Our catalog of kitchen equipment also includes crepe machines for an elegant breakfast alternative.

Residential Cooking Equipment

A restaurant isn't the only place for high-quality kitchen equipment. Cook like a pro at home with our collection of residential cooking appliances from top brands like Summit Appliance and Nordic Ware.

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