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12/1/2009Central Restaurant Products Kicks Off Winter Wonderland Daily Giveaway
Central Restaurant Products is now accepting entries for the Winter Wonderland Daily Giveaway.
Central Restaurant Products
1/13/2009Central Restaurant Products releases 2009 Master Catalog
The new Central Restaurant Products Master Catalog will be in mailboxes beginning Monday, January 19, 2009.
PMQ's Pizza Magazine
7/31/2008New York School Wins Panini Grill in Central Prize Giveaway
Foodservice Director Norma Zeller of Somers Central School District in Somers, New York was selected as the winner of a panini grill in a prize giveaway hosted by their equipment supplier, Central Restaurant Products.
3/21/2008Safe Practices for Conveyor Ovens in Commercial Kitchens
Following safe practices when setting up, cleaning and operating a conveyor oven helps protect everyone in the kitchen.
PMQ's Pizza Magazine
3/17/2008Central Restaurant Products mails new spring catalogs
The mailing includes two different editions-- one aimed toward restaurants and one toward institutions.
PMQ's Pizza Magazine
2/22/2008Extend the Life of Your Countertop Griddle
Foodservice investments like countertop griddles have the potential to last many years in commercial kitchens-- as long as they are set up properly and regularly maintained.
PMQ's Pizza Magazine
2/13/2008Clean Hands and Sanitized Machines Imperative in Serving Safe Ice
Ensuring employees handle ice and ice machines with clean hands and properly sanitizing machines is imperative in serving ice free of harmful bacteria to customers.
Central Restaurant Products
2/6/2008Bar Beverage Trends and Tips Improve Service and Profitability
Whether the location is a full-service bar, or simply a small section within a restaurant, using a few new trends and tips can improve service and increase profits.
Central Restaurant Products
2/4/2008Customized Sandwiches and Salads Add to Menu Variety and Profitability
When customers get to choose exactly what they are eating, foodservice establishments win. Customized salads and sandwiches make for a greater number of flavor combinations, increasing the potential for happy customers who will return.
PMQ's Pizza Magazine
1/15/2008Industry certification adds valuable knowledge base to Central Restaurant Products catalog
In addition to more than 800 new products, the latest edition of the Central Restaurant Products catalog features a wealth of expert service advice from Central's Certified Foodservice Professional (CFSP) product consultants.
PMQ's Pizza Magazine
1/8/2008Central Restaurant Products Welcomes New President
Central Restaurant Products recently named Mark Korros President. Korros will be responsible for enhancing the customer experience and creating strategic alliances to foster the growth of Central Restaurant Products.
Yahoo! News
12/5/2007Tis the Season for a Warm Cup of Joe
Social occasions tied to the holidays make the perfect backdrop for today's sophisticated coffee drinkers.
PMQ's Pizza Magazine
11/12/2007Convection cooking saves time, energy in any kitchen
Convection ovens are no longer a privilege of the high-end restaurant; they are now finding their way into mainstream commercial and noncommercial kitchens alike, especially during the busy holiday season.
Central Restaurant Products
10/31/2007Protect Employees and Consumers With Safe Slicer Usage
While slicers are an important and productive tool in the kitchen, they can also be dangerous if not used properly. Both the user and the consumer of the sliced food items can be affected if proper safety and usage tips are not followed.
PMQ's Pizza Magazine
10/25/2007Be Prepared for Any Holiday Party
With the holidays soon approaching, it is important to be prepared in advance for the additional rush of diners. By following a few simple guidelines, any foodservice establishment can be ready for sizeable crowds and a festive atmosphere during the holiday season.
PMQ's Pizza Magazine
10/11/2007Complement Foodservice Menus and Decor with Standard Table Settings
An appealing table setting creates atmosphere and ambience to foodservice establishments. By using a setting that complements the menu and decor, customers will leave with a positive impression of their dining experience.
PMQ's Pizza Magazine
10/4/2007Simple Guidelines Help to Make Dishes and Dishwashers More Clean
Selecting the correct detergents, additives and cleaners for commercial dishwashers helps to ensure cleaner dishes.
Central Restaurant Products
9/26/2007Daily Cleaning and Maintenance Helps Performance of Commercial Ranges
Follow these simple guidelines to keep this major investment operating correctly.
All Food Business
9/12/2007Stand Mixer Useful for More than Just Dough
There are over 50 different attachments, accessories and bowls that can be added to a KitchenAid stand mixer that allow the mixer to perform a wide variety of jobs in the kitchen.
Food Online
9/11/2007Central Restaurant Products to Release Two New Catalog Editions
The new Central Restaurant Product catalogs will be in mailboxes beginning Wednesday, September 10. This mailing will include two different editions - one aimed toward institutions and one toward restaurants. Each catalog will feature a selection of products specifically chosen as top picks for either institutions or restaurants.
PRWeb Newswire
9/5/2007Cut Down on Cross Contamination in the Kitchen
Color-coded food preparation tools and utensils are a great way to quickly - and easily - separate foods that can easily become contaminated when in contact with other foods.
Central Restaurant Products
8/29/2007Extend the Life of Aluminum Furniture with Easy Care Tips
Proper cleaning, maintenance and storage of aluminum furniture will keep indoor and outdoor dining areas looking great for years to come.
Central Restaurant Products
8/15/2007Flatware Number Essential in Restaurant Business
Determining the appropriate number of flatware pieces for your restaurant is essential to proper operating.
PMQ's Pizza Magazine
8/8/2007Commercial Pop Up Toasters Save Restaurants Time and Money
Commercial pop up toasters are built to last against the everyday wear and tear that most home appliances cannot withstand.
PMQ's Pizza Magazine

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