Payment Options

We want to make your experience with Central a positive one from the moment we answer your call to the processing of your payment and beyond. We offer a number of flexible payment options to ensure you get the products you need at a price you can afford.
  1. Open Account/Net Terms

  2. Lease to Own

    • Leasing Calculator
    • Leasing Application
    • Why buy used when you can buy new?
    • Advantages of Leasing
      • Conserving Capital
      • Maximizing Tax Savings
      • Simplified Record Keeping
      • No Hidden Costs
      • Preserving Bank Lines of Credit
      • Helps Overcome Budget Limitations
      • More Liberal Credit Criteria
      • Allows you to keep pace with business demands. You can change, upgrade or add equipment to meet ever-changing needs, such as a menu change or expansion.
      • Flexible payment plans
      • Deferred payment programs and seasonal leases available
  3. Cash

  4. Cashier’s Check or Money Order

  5. Paypal

  6. Wire Transfer

  7. Mail or Faxed Business and Personal Checks

  8. Credit Card

  9. Convenience Check

  10. ACH/EFT

  11. Check by Phone

  12. Down Payment

  13. Contract with Personal Guarantee for Orders greater than $50,000

For more information about any of Central’s flexible payment options, or to place an order, please contact us at 1-800-215-9293.