Undercounter Ice Machines

Undercounter Ice Machine
  • An ice maker and bin in one
  • Perfect for low volume applications
  • Small footprint, great for areas with limited space
  • Front-breathing, ideal for installation under bars or counters

Don't Forget Water Filters!

Learn About Ice Machines

Not sure which ice type or cooling method is best for your facility?

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What Size Will Fit Your Facility's Needs?

Properly sizing an ice machine depends on several factors:

  • What type of facility you have
  • What beverage size is being served
  • Number of customers
Application Daily Ice Use 100 lb. Production
Ice Machine
200 lb. Production
Ice Machine
300 lb. Production
Ice Machine
Restaurant1.5 lbs per customer55 customers111 customers166 customers
Cocktail Bar3 lbs per seat27 seats55 seats83 seats
7–10 oz. Beverage5 oz per cup266 cups533 cups800 cups
12–16 oz. Beverage8 oz per cup166 cups333 cups500 cups
18–24 oz. Beverage12 oz per cup111 cups222 cups333 cups