Dining Room Space Planning

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1. Begin by planning out the space for the overall restaurant using this general formula:

Restaurant Space Planning

40% ⇒ Kitchen, Cooking, Storage, Prep, etc.
60% ⇒ Dining Room
Example: In a 3,000 square foot space, the dining room should be about 1,800 ft² and the kitchen area about 1,200 ft².

2. Decide what type of dining experience you'll be providing. Then you can decide how much square footage per person will be needed at a table.

Dining TypeSq. Ft. Per Person
Casual Dining10–12
Upscale Dining12–14

3. Next, it's important to know how far apart tables and how wide aisles should be.

Type of SpaceSpace Needed
Wait Staff Aisle24–30 inches
Main Traffic Aisle18–36 inches

4. With all of that mapped out, the final step is to decide on the type(s) of seating that will fill the remaining dining room space.

Tables and Chairs are the most common types of dining room seating, and they offer an endless variety of options to suit any establishment.

Table DiameterTable Circumference# of People Accommodated
Table Sizes and Accommodation

Though it can be a bit more expensive, booth seating allows for a larger number of seats per square foot.

Booth Table SizeFeet Between Booth Backs
Booth Spacing

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