Gas Ranges

Gas Ranges

How Are You Cooking?

  • Pan Fry, Sauté, or Boil ⇒ Open Burners
  • Roasting or Warming ⇒ Standard Oven
  • Crisp, Sear, or Brown ⇒ Griddle
  • Frequent Baking ⇒ Bakery Depth Oven

What Features Should You Consider in Your Facility?

  • BTUs
    • Basic measure of a range's cooking ability
    • More BTUs mean more heat and faster cooking
  • Griddle Thickness
    • Thicker griddles provide and return more consistent heat
    • Thinner griddles provide quicker start-up and recovery
  • Griddle Controls
    • Manual controls adjust the gas flow/heat based on the preference of the user
    • Thermostatic controls self regulate for better temperature accuracy
  • Bakery Depth Oven
    • Deeper cavity allows for two full-size sheet pans on each rack
  • Auto Ignition: turn on the gas, push the button to light the pilots
    • Schools and other agencies often have local codes which require the gas to be shut off overnight
    • Some facilities often like to shut down the gas due to infrequency of use

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