Merchandisers and Display Cases

Prep Unit

Increase sales and profits by making refrigerated and frozen products more visible to your customers. Refrigerated Displays come in a variety of formats, include a number of options and come in sizes that work well in many different areas.

Small Display Refrigerator

Small Display Refrigerators

  • Place at eye level and near cash registers to promote impulse buying
  • Use on or under counters to maximize space in businesses with small sales floors
  • Footprints as small as 17"Wx19"D
  • Great for convenience stores, school cafeterias, snack shops

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Open Air Merchandiser

Open Air or Air Curtain Refrigerated Displays

  • Door-free units allow for customers to easily grab items and for employees to re-stock contents quickly
  • A curtain of air blows down the front of the unit, keeping cold air in
  • Larger sizing and interior lighting adds emphasis to items and draws customers to product
  • Great for larger convenience stores, grab-and-go eateries, grocery stores

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Glass Door Merchandiser

Glass Door Merchandisers

  • Showcase cold or frozen items while maintaining proper temperatures
  • A variety of sizes to use on or under counters, grouped along a wall or freestanding in a space-conscious area
  • More energy efficient than air curtain merchandisers
  • Great for restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, non-foodservice businesses that want to add cold/frozen food items to their inventories

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Frozen Food Merchandiser

Frozen Food Merchandisers

  • Entice customers with high-profit frozen novelties
  • Compact sizing allows for versatility in placement
  • Prevent frozen treats from melting while still drawing attention to item
  • Great for concession stands, school cafeterias, ice cream shops

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Bakery Case

Bakery Displays and Deli Cases

  • Efficient, high volume merchandising of desserts and pastries or meats and cheeses
  • Provide an attractive display for quick turns and increased profits
  • Shelves included to optimize product space by showcasing them vertically
  • Great for delis, bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants, and more

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Wine Merchandiser

Wine Merchandisers

  • Keep wines chilled at appropriate temperatures to increase sales
  • Glass doors invite customers to view product and make a purchase
  • Versatile enough to place side-by-side, or to stand alone
  • Great for liquor stores, grocery stores, party/specialty shops

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