Hot Food Tables

Hot Food Tables

Hot food tables, also known as steam tables, are used to ensure food is kept warm at a set serving temperature. They should not be used for the purpose of cooking or warming up foods from a cold/uncooked temperature. Hot food tables can be used in a variety of settings, but most often are found at either self-service or operator service buffets. However, they can also be used for warming purposes in the back of the house.

Basic Features to Consider

Electric or Gas Powered

  • Gas units come in LP or natural gas
  • Electric units come in various voltages/phases

Amount and types of food served

  • Available with 1 to 6 wells. Number of wells needed depends on the amount and variety of the food served on the table. Each well can hold a different food.
  • Choose from sealed or standard wells. Sealed wells eliminate the need for spillage pans.

Legs or casters

  • Choose the option based on if the unit will be stationary (legs) or mobile (casters).
Cleaning Dos and Don'ts
  • Don't use abrasive scrubbers or harsh chemical cleaners as they will erode and tarnish the metal
  • Do avoid using cold water over the hot surfaces
  • Do clean spills quickly because the heat will dry them up, making them harder to clean
Options and Accessories to Upgrade Hot Food Tables

Cutting Boards

Allows for a convenient built-in carving station or accommodates other preparation right at the buffet.

Storage Cabinets

Provides extra space under the table for convenient access to items commonly used with the hot food table.

Serving Shelf

Great for operator service buffets! Gives server the option of handing food to guests without reaching across wells and/or contaminating other foods.

Tray Rails

Makes it convenient for customers to push trays along and helps to avoid spills and other messes that may occur when balancing a tray and trying to serve food.

Sneeze Guard

Prevents germs and other contaminates from coming into contact with food products.

Steam Table Pans

Available in many different sizes, from full-size to ninth size. Smallpans can be used in one well to serve smaller quantities of food. Can be used in different configurations for a customized look.

Adapter Bars

Divides steam table wells to fit various types of pans. Also allows for easier cleaning by catching spills/drips before they fall into the well.

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