Conveyor Ovens

Conveyor Ovens

What are you baking?

If you are baking cookies, sandwiches, or Mexican/blanched pizzas, any of the conveyor ovens will get the job done (depending on your volume). If your operations require fresh dough, steer towards the larger sized ovens.

Baked Goods

How much are you baking?

How much do you need to cook? The chart below measures capacity in 16" fresh dough, hand-tossed pizzas per hour. Not cooking pizza? Contact one of Central's Knowedgeable Product Consultants to match your volume with right size conveyor and cooking temperature to save time and labor.

Conveyor Oven capacities

Operational considerations

  • Conveyor Length and Width: Longer conveyors are useful for staging products to be cooked. A greater volume of product can be cooked without having added labor. Wider conveyors can acccomdate larger products.
  • Temperature Range: A larger temperature range allows for greater flexibility in application. Lower temperature ranges are good for melting or finishing products. Higher ranges are good for cooking raw proteins.
  • Control Style: Manual controls are typically less expensive and simple, where as Digital controls allows you to be more consistent in bake time and temperature.
  • Gas or Electric: Make sure you confirm voltage/phase or gas type.
  • Stackable: If you are interested in having multiple units in the same footprint, some ovens are stackable up to three units high.

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