Helpful Hints

Prolong the Life of Your Glassware

Protect Your Investment With The Easy Steps

To help prolong the life of your glassware, Anchor Hocking and Central Restaurant Products suggests following these guidelines:
    1. Have adequate backup supply of glass for rush periods to avoid thermal shock. Never place recently washed glasses into service. Let glass stand long enough to reach room temperature.
    2. Sort all items in bus boxes. Do not stack glasses on top of plates or bowls.
    3. Always use ice scoops. Never scoop ice with a glass.
    4. Use correct glass racks for stems and tumblers.
    5. Avoid glass contact with beer tap.
    6. Never put flatware into glass.
    7. Never stack glasses.
    8. Never pick up glasses in bouquets (grabbing multiple glasses at once by reaching into the tops of the glasses). Always carry glasses by their bases or stems.