Helpful Hints

Are your bar glasses crystal clear?

Make the most of your glass washer with these simple instructions.

Glass washers are available in submersible or upright models. A submersible unit saves space and has a quieter, enclosed motor. It can also maintain the warm temperature of the water. Both upright and submersible models should have rubber feet or a suction base for stability. When using a submersible glass washer, make sure the water level is above the tip of the brushes to help the motor stay cool.

Glass washers are designed to fit into virtually any bar sink and are best used with a three compartment sink. The washer is installed in the first compartment with luke warm water to the fill line and a good liquid detergent. The second compartment should be filled with clean water and the third should have clean water with a sanitizer. Simply turn the machine on, firmly grasp the bottom of the glass to be washed and place it over the center brush. Remove the glass after a few seconds and dip into the second and third tanks.


Specialty Stemware 13-1/2 oz. Poco Glass

by Anchor Hocking

Mfg Model #:2085M
Central Model #:186-030

$50.00 Case


Beer Mug 16 oz.

by Lancaster Colony

Mfg Model #:01816
Central Model #:372-003

$85.00 Case


Undercounter Cup/Glass Washer

by Jet-Tech

Mfg Model #:F-16DP
Central Model #:571-001

$3,059.70 Each


Cafe Mug 16 oz. Capacity

by Anchor Hocking

Mfg Model #:83045A
Central Model #:186-016

$25.00 Case