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12/22/200926,500 school cafeterias lack required inspections
Foodborne illness amoung schoolchildren is consistently linked to improper food handling in cafeterias, a USA TODAY investigation found.
USA Today
12/11/2009Hand Sanitizers: Not a replacement for handwashing in foodservice settings
Handwashing with soap is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses -- the major causes of foodborne illness.
Minnesota Department of Health
12/11/2009When to Replace
How to know when its time to replace your walk-in
5/20/2009H1N1 at the NRA Show
Has the swine flu affected restaurant traffic?
QSR Magazine
5/20/2009Thriving operators share survival tips
NRA keynote panel addresses a range of issues affecting restaurateurs in this economic climate
Chain Leader
5/20/2009New ads seek online fans
What one establishment is doing to recruit online champions of their brand
The New York Times
5/20/2009Celebrity chef is just 13 years old
Greg Grossman is the food industry's youngest up-and-coming chef
Chicago Tribune
5/8/2009Serving Aces
How restaurants are improving customer service standards
Restaurants & Institutions
5/8/2009The Gift Card Economy
How tight deadlines encourage us to act
The Atlantic Monthly
5/8/2009Taking Care of Customers
The 10 Minute Managers Guide
Restaurants & Institutions
5/8/2009Price Presentation Influences Check Averages
Dollar signs may focus patrons on the "pain" of spending, research suggests
Restaurants & Institutions
4/22/2009Restaurants finding new ways to survive the recession
Neighboring eateries True North Tavern and Urban Solace have a forged a partnership.
San Diego Union-Tribune
4/22/2009Why pizza giants want customers to click, not call, for delivery
Pizza Hut, Papa John's and others hope to boost online orders to 50%.
Advertising Age
4/22/2009Food trends for recessionary times
Consumers turn to comfort food and lighter beverages during tough times.
Chain Leader
4/17/2009LEED 2009 and its impact on foodservice equipment selection
The U.S. Green Building Association to release new 2009 criteria for achieving various levels of LEED certification that will, for the first time include specific criteria that directly applies to kitchen operations and design.
4/17/2009Campus Cuisine
Hospitals have made considerable efforts in recent years to upgrade the taste, healthiness and diversity of their food offerings, for patients and visitors alike
Restaurants & Institutions
4/17/2009Ballpark fare's slimming down a bit.
Ballparks nationwide are serving up more healthful food
Restaurants & Institutions
4/6/2009FDA alerts restaurants to spice recall
Government agencies warned Thursday that a large number of restaurants may have purchased Asian spices that have been voluntarily recalled because of a link to a multi-state salmonella outbreak.
Nation's Restaurant News
3/26/2009April fools? These offbeat combos make great dishes
Teaming tomatoes and ice cream? You bet, and it works.
Orange County Register
3/25/2009Restaurants stand to gain from bailout plan
Restaurant operators are poised to benefit as more aid is headed to banks and lenders to help spark small business and consumer financing.
Nation's Restaurant News
3/19/2009Restaurants may catch a break with falling costs
After suffering from cost inflation nearly all of last year, relief from sky-high commodity and energy costs is here, and restaurant bottom lines should stand to benefit from deflated prices by the second half of this year.
Nation's Restaurant News
2/13/2009Restaurants feel the love on Valentine's Day.
Despite dismal economy, local eateries are seeing reservations up on Friday and Saturday.
Orange County Register
2/5/2009 National Restaurant Association Sends Letter to Suze Orman
NRA President and CEO Dawn Sweeney reaches out to Suze Orman in response to comments she made on "The Oprah Winfrey Show"
PMQ's Pizza Magazine
12/31/2008Recessionary living' tops list of trends expected next year
Long-term value and quality over quantity will drive buying trends of 2009
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
12/31/2008Restaurants hoping for full house on NYE
Restaurateurs hope to ring in 2009 with strong sales
Baltimore Examiner
11/17/2008NRA Fact sheet: Thanksgiving Dining and Takeout
Some facts and figures about what Americans do for Thanskgiving Dinner
10/31/2008Chefs craft treats from extra candy
Sweet recipes put Halloween leftovers to use
10/27/2008Keep it Simple
Artificial pretentiousness is being replaced with uncluttered, natural-feeling tabletops.
Hotels Magazine
10/20/2008Menu suggestions that sell
Well-written restaurant menus are terrific sales tools that use a bit of consumer psychology to help boost check averages.
Restaurants & Institutions
10/17/2008NPD examines U.S. eating patterns
Consumers always indicate a desire to use restaurants less but their actions tend to work in the opposite direction.
Foodservice Equipment & Supplies
10/17/2008As checks shrink, restaurants stretch hours
A growing number of restaurateurs seeking shelter from the economic storm are expanding their hours of service.
NY Times
9/18/2008How to dodge equipment disasters
A smart maintenance program will save the day during a breakdown.
Restaurant Hospitality
9/18/2008Restaurants rise above hard times: Part 2
Quality: An In-Depth Look at Culinary Excellence
My Area Gourmet
9/16/2008Restaurants rise above hard times: Part 1
In an age where once-booming chain restaurants are now facing the possibility of cutbacks and bankruptcy, some independently owned restaurants are showing record growth. What's their secret to success?
My Area Gourmet
8/26/2008Small eateries try new ways to woo customers
Coupons, discount wine nights, fixed-price meals -- restaurateurs fighting economic tide to stay afloat.
8/26/2008Restaurateur feels bite of economy
Expenses for nearly every ingredient that ends up on a menu, from produce to poultry, are up as transportation costs rise for producers, growers and suppliers.
Monterey County Herald
8/22/2008FDA Resource on Salmonella
Some helpful information from the FDA on the recent salmonella outbreaks and tips for preventing illness in your foodservice establishment.
8/6/2008H - 2 - Oh!
Water—so simple, so pure, perhaps this necessity of life is so unobtrusive that you don’t even think about how it can help your business.
PMQ's Pizza Magazine
8/6/2008Flour Power
Considering something other than white or wheat with your next flour order?
PMQ's Pizza Magazine
8/6/2008Safety First
Creating a safe kitchen is easier -and more important- than you think.
PMQ's Pizza Magazine
7/29/2008Ice cream grows up: Just add liqueur
Ice cream drinks make a festive addition to any summertime restaurant or patio. Just plop a few scoops into the blender, add a splash of liqueur and whip up something cool, creamy and delicious.
The Oshkosh Northwestern
7/23/2008The Ten-Minute Manager’s Guide To ...New-Menu Development
Decisions to introduce a new menu or even just a new dish require a careful balancing of both culinary and business considerations.
Restaurants & Institutions
7/17/2008Kitchen Essentials
10 techniques every cook should know
The San Francisco Chronicle
7/17/2008Water efficiency equipment helps cut costs
How to start using the latest water-efficient equipment and technologies to your advantage.
Foodservice Equipment Reports
7/15/2008School cafeterias struggling to keep food on the table
Rising costs for fuel, food and labor are forcing school cafeterias nationwide to raise prices, cut jobs and, in some cases, dip into "rainy day" funds to put food on trays, according to congressional testimony to be delivered today.
Restaurants & Institutions
7/15/2008Restaurateurs turn to cheaper cuts for leaner times
“Menu-engineering” is the new buzzword in kitchens as restaurateurs and chefs fight the credit crunch.
The London Times
7/3/2008Chef Motorcycle Riders Raise More Than $40,000 to Fight Childhood Hunger
More than 70 top chefs and culinary professionals from the Washington, D.C. area and the Mid-Atlantic region traded in their toques for motorcycle helmets for the fifth annual Share Our Strength's Chefs on Bikes presented by Fortessa, Inc.
PR Web
6/23/2008The New Cost of Doing Business
Rising prices across the board force directors to think outside the cost box.
Foodservice Director
6/19/2008European Brews Steeped in Tradition
Many European specialty brewers rely heavily on the export market, especially the United States.
The Washington Post
6/17/2008Sandwiches a Mainstay of Restaurant Fare
Sandwiches continue to be a mainstay of restaurant fare, making up 31 percent of all limited-service restaurant entrées and 15 percent of entrées at full-service restaurants, according to Technomic’s “Sandwich Consumer Trend Report.”
Foodservice Equipment & Supplies
6/17/2008Oregon brewmasters spread organic beer trend
Two men have almost single-handedly created a revolution in Beervana, a nickname for Portland's burgeoning microwbrewing industry.
The Portland Oregonian
6/12/2008Key Tomato Crop Approved
The FDA yesterday cleared the nation's leading supplier of fresh tomatoes as being free of salmonella.
The Washington Post
6/12/2008Don't get fried by your fryer
Advances in the design of deep-fat fryers in recent years have resulted in a broad range of efficiencies.
Foodservice Equipment & Supplies
6/12/2008Einstein Bros. is College Bound
Einstein Bros. heads off to college to build brand awareness with existing and new customers
Chain Leader
6/5/2008Dishwashers Go High Tech
Manufacturers working to comply with Energy Star standards on dish machines
QSR Magazine
5/28/2008Tea Break
In warmer weather,offering iced teas cool customers and heats up profits
PMQ's Pizza Magazine
5/28/2008How to Go Green
With all the information circling about "going green" out there, it’s easy for operators and everyone else in the foodservice industry to experience confusion.
Foodservice Equipment & Supplies
5/22/2008Mondavi’s Legacy: Reinventing Napa Valley
Like many great Americans, Robert Mondavi reinvented himself — several times, in fact — and in the process he reinvented Napa Valley and the American wine industry.
The New York Times
5/21/2008Big chains embrace "Green" initiative; smaller operators pressured
The restaurant industry unveiled a big push to go green Monday, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Or a worse time, depending on your perspective.
Restaurants & Institutions
5/21/2008From the Floor: The Power of Word of Mouth
You don't need to spend a lot of marketing dollars to create a sensation among consumers.
QSR Magazine
5/21/2008Hey! Who's stealing my old grease?
Restaurants from Berkeley, Calif., to Sedgwick, Kan., are reporting thefts of old cooking oil worth thousands of dollars to rustlers who refine it into barrels of biofuel in backyard stills.
Restaurants & Institutions
5/20/2008National Restaurant Association Launches Conserve Initiative to Educate and Inspire Restaurants to "Go Green"
Web site to feature educational resources and tools, tips and success stories to increase environmental efforts in the restaurant industry
National Restaurant Association
5/16/2008The Spirits Move Them
Creative craft beer brewers find another potent outlet
The Chicago Tribune
5/16/2008 Music 'can enhance wine taste'
Playing a certain type of music can enhance the way wine tastes, research by psychologists suggests.
BBC News
5/15/2008Federal Law Sets Standards on Walk-ins
Effective January 1, 2009, greater energy efficiency will be the standard on walk-in coolers and freezers.
Foodservice Equipment & Supplies
5/14/2008Focaccia Gives a Sandwich Oomph
Focaccia has taken on a new life as a base for sandwiches.
The Boston Globe
5/13/2008NRA Media Statement
How spiking food prices impact restaurants
National Restaurant Association
5/7/2008Diner's Journal
Inside the mind of a Manhattan pastry chef
The New York Times
5/5/2008Free food makes a tasty, compelling marketing strategy
Economic downturn has eateries trying to lure in new customers
The Salt Lake Tribune
5/1/2008The Ubiquitous L.A. Hot Dog
From Dodger Dogs to organic franks, L.A. is a hot dog town
Los Angeles Times
4/29/2008Mother's Day is Sunday, May 11
NRA offers some statistics on Mother's Day dining trends.
4/29/2008Tips Get Smaller
In a tough economy, tips are depreciated; Those who depend on them feel the pinch of patrons saving pennies.
Chain Leader
4/29/2008Hip, Casual Efficiency
Embassy Suites targets a new generation of travelers with its lobby restaurant concept.
Lodging Magazine
4/29/2008Passionate About Panini
A traditional Italian grilled sandwich that's wildly popular and easier to make than every before.
PMQ's Pizza Magazine
4/28/2008How to Survive a Recession
Casual-dining chains are marketing value and networking with their loyal customers to get through these tough times.
Chain Leader
4/24/2008National Restaurant Association Welcomes Introduction of Food Safety Legislation on Capitol Hill
New food safety legislation aims to address "achievable" reforms, reps say.
4/22/2008Hotel chefs embrace local, organic food trend
An increasing number of hotels are touting restaurants that offer organic and locally grown foods.
USA Today
4/22/2008National Restaurant Association announces "NRA Show Hot Chef Challenge"
Contest winnner will be featured in a live demonstration at the NRA Show May 17, 2008
4/22/2008Operation Green
Enodis features more than 40 ways to save energy in the kitchen!
Enodis USA
4/18/2008Choice Cheeses
Making the case for Hispanic quesos
el Restaurante Mexicano
4/18/2008Lean Times for Restaurants
A shakey economy and higher food and labor costs are squeezing eateries. How can chains raise prices and hold on to their customers?
Business Week
4/18/2008Asian Gracefully
Adding Asian flair to your menu.
Restaurant Hospitality
4/18/2008Green: The New Gold
Data from the National Restaurant Association shows that 6 out of 10 U.S. consumers say they are “likely to choose a restaurant based on its level of environmental friendliness.”
Restaurant Hospitality
4/17/2008Food Costs Unravel Nutrition Initiatives
Schools get a lesson in lunch line economics
The Washington Post
4/17/2008Saving Energy in the Kitchen
Walk-In Freezer Demand Defrosters Deflate Energy Costs
Foodservice Equipment & Supplies
4/17/2008Spring Has Sprung
Fast casuals answer the call of the wild
4/10/2008Savvy Drinkers Demanding Better Beer
Chefs all across North America are recognizing the broad spectrum of flavors possible in craft beer.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
4/3/2008Casual Dining Banks on Hip Sips
At casual dining restaurants, adult beverages are the best bet to boost profits.
Restaurants & Institutions
4/3/2008Eating In: Restaurants Look to Attract Customers
Restaurants are looking for new ways to bring in customers in the midst of declining traffic.
Minneapolis Star Tribune
4/3/2008Sandwiches Stay at Top of Food Chain
Food experts say sandwiches almost certainly will remain in the top 10 food items.
Lewiston Sun Journal
4/3/2008QSRs Go Green
More and more restaurants are "going green" to meet public demand.
4/3/2008Working for Diners
Many upscale restaurants are working harder to attract diners as uncertainties about the economy nudge people toward eating cheaper
3/28/2008Coffee's Hotter Than Ever
New concepts and competition are pushing c-stores to increase java share.
Convenience Store Decisions
3/28/2008Business Owners 'Make a Difference,' says Chick-fil-A Exec
Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy advises restaurateurs
Indianapolis Star
3/28/2008Increasing Check Averages
Food costs are up, but raising menu prices to compensate is risky.
Restaurants & Institutions
3/28/2008Bakery Cafes an Underdeveloped Opportunity
According to a newly-released report by foodservice consultancy Technomic, the bakery-café is an untapped resource
3/28/2008Restaurants Search for Niche in Tough Market
Rising costs, fewer patrons lead to financial crunch
The Delaware News Journal
3/28/2008Restaurants Face Changing Habits, as Well as Recession
A combined one-two punch of recession and changing consumer behavior is producing one of the toughest business enviroments in decades.
MediaPost's Marketing Daily
3/28/2008What's Cooking
Successful retailers are using new equipment to heat up the foodservice business
Convenience Store Decisions
3/28/2008Clearing a Crowded Cold Vault
As the cooler gets more congested, retailers face difficult decisions about what products to keep and which ones to chuck.
Convenience Store Decisions
3/28/2008Spicing Up the Roller Grill
Wave of new products increases popularity, drives sales and margins
Convenience Store Decisions
3/28/2008C-Stores Make Pizza Time
National and proprietary brands are both getting a slice of the foodservice pie.
Convenience Store Decisions
3/14/2008Grocery and Department Stores
Retailers continue to target busy shoppers with smaller formats
Gourmet News
3/14/2008Whet Their Appetite
Competition is heating up for high school chefs with big dreams on their plate
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal
3/14/2008Rising Flour Costs
Pizzerias, bakeries feel the pinch as flour prices increase
North Carolina Record & Landmark
3/14/2008Learning by Doing Multicourse Meals
NU hospitality students plan, prepare and serve
The Buffalo News
3/14/2008School Lunch in a Pickle
Healthy options are .on the rise, but many kids still resist them
Rocky Mountain News
3/14/2008Business: All Night Long
Learn how smooth the transition to longer hours can be and how quickly and substantively customers can buy into extended hours
Restaurants and Institutions
3/14/2008High Demand
The restaurant business is fighting hard to find workers
3/14/2008Better Than Sliced Bread
Taking liberties with the traditional sandwich can yield portable lunches with punch
QSR Magazine
3/14/2008Designing a Food-Safe Kitchen
Inside tips on easily maintaining the highest levels of food safety and productivity
3/14/2008Walk-In Freezers
Defrost-on-demand deflates energy costs
3/14/2008Eating Local is Chef's Value Meal
Fife's Marco Shaw bypassed Chez Panisse for a detour to Portland-- and never left
The Oregonian
3/6/2008Operators Cash in with Catering
Franchisees are finding a whole new profit center, and a good way to market stores
3/5/2008Hot Beverage Heading Skyward
Global Industry Analysts, Inc. predict hot beverage market to top $50 Billion by 2010
3/4/2008From Tips to Clicks
Restaurants try e-menus, letting diners order from a touch-screen at the table
Restaurant News Resource
2/27/2008Catering is a snap!
Catering is the fastest growing segment of the foodservice industry, with $14 billion in sales last year.
2/16/2008Restaurants on Front Line of Rising Costs
Across the country, restaurant operators are struggling to maintain profitability in the face of rising costs — especially the cost of food.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
2/15/2008Fast Food on Pace
Restaurant operators apprehensive about technology.
NY Times
2/13/2008National Restaurant Association Hails Enactment of Economic Stimulus Package
Board members Mary Ann Cricchio and Jim Wordsworth attends bill signing ceremony at the White House
2/10/2008Little Sandwiches Make it Big
A wide variety of restaurants find sliders are a very popular addition to their menu
Columbus Dispatch
2/9/2008Servicing Seniors
Key equipment and supplies for assisted living facilites
2/8/2008Urban Wineries Include Everything But the Vineyard
USA Today
2/8/2008Corporate Cafeterias Going Green
Many corporations are overhauling their cafeteria fare in a new effort to introduce healthier foods and programs that slash environmental waste.
USA Today
2/7/2008Keep the Customer Satisfied
You can have the greatest customer service tools and procedures in place, but if they are of no value to the client then they are of no value to you.
2/7/2008My Supermarket Meal
Supermarkets are competing with upscale casual dining.
Chain Leader
2/6/2008The country's most dramatic dining
Come for the food, stay for the spectacle at these lavish restaurants
2/5/2008Speeding Along the Green Highway
What part does food preparation play in the sustainability equation?
2/5/2008How to Boost Your Lunch Trade
Restaurant News Resource
2/1/2008Manufacturer Goes Face-to-Face with Culinary Students
2/1/2008Stainless Steel
Prices May Moderate in 2008
FER Fortnightly
1/28/2008The NRN 50: Independent Party
Unaffiliated restaurant owners stay in business by remaining flexible and connecting with their communities in ways chain competitors can't.
Nation's Restaurant News
1/24/2008The Safe Zone: Unsafe Bet
What does the average food-handling employee in the restaurant industry think about food safety? The answer may surprise you!
Food and Drink
1/20/2008Brewers pushing beer as part of fine dining experience
Brewers big and small increasingly are trying to impress the public — and forge stronger loyalty to beer — with dinners that tout beer's variety, nuanced flavor and heritage.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
1/15/2008Give Your H20 a Clean Bill of Health
My Foodservice News
1/15/2008Saving the Planet, One Dollar at a Time
Environmentally responsible initiatives the Enodis company is taking to conserve energy
Enodis USA
1/10/2008Best Restaurant Dishes to Try in 2008
F&W editors make it their business to know about the best new restaurants and chefs. Here, in this web-exclusive, they’ve selected some of the best new and amazing restaurant dishes to try in 2008— from pork belly BLTs in Key West, Florida, to sake pairings in Chicago and langoustines with Prosecco-lemon sorbet in New York City.
Food and Wine
1/8/2008Operators Cash in with Catering
Franchisees are finding a whole new profit center, and a good way to market stores
"Souper" merchandisers
Tomlinson Industries
1/5/2008Breakfast: A Wake-Up Call
Chefs like Los Angeles’ Neal Fraser have started setting their alarms early so they can serve exquisite breakfasts—from ricotta pancakes and brioche French toast to braised pork shanks with poached eggs.
Food and Wine
1/2/2008Developing Recipes
Once you have decided on a menu theme, suppliers, a production team and specific menu items, it's time to develop standard recipes.
Restaurant News Resource
1/1/2008Best of 2007...
QSR Magazine
1/1/2008Ties That Bond
R&I’s 2008 New American Diner Study illuminates consumer dining patterns.
12/27/2007Trends on 2008's Front Burners
Local, ethnic, niche: Some words of the year
The Philadelphia Enquirer
12/26/2007Let's Eat, Not Fuss
2007 was a year for low-key charm in the restaurant industry.
NY Times
12/18/2007Expect the Food World to Churn on High Speed in 2008
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
12/15/2007Restaurant Trends in 2007 and 2008
It's that time of year where we look back at the year gone by and then gaze into our crystal ball -- or in this case, our crystal decanter -- to see what's coming up.
Burlington Free Press
12/12/2007What to look for in 2008…
Consumer Demand for Ways to Fit Quality Meals Into Hectic Schedules Shape Restaurant Trends in 2008, According to National Restaurant Association
12/5/2007Is the entree heading for extinction?
O.K., so maybe it’s not quite time to write the entree’s obituary.
NY Times
12/1/2007Breakfast Branches Out
Operators wake up to the fact that breakfast foods can entice diners morning, noon and night.
12/1/2007La Dulce Portion
Mini Desserts Sweeten the Bottom Line
Restaurateur of Arizona
11/30/20072007 Foodservice Trends are Boring!
11/30/2007ISSA Reports
Flu Season and Cleaning Providers
Sanitary Maintenance
11/29/2007Restaurant Beverage Trends
More on the ACF survey--Craft beer, signature cocktails and organic wine top list of restaurant beverage trends, NRA finds.
11/15/2007Campaign Targets Consumer Awareness of Food Safety
Gourmet News
11/15/2007IDDBA Report Digs Deep into Sustainability Trend
Gourmet News
11/14/2007NSF Announces National Food Safety Certification Program
In a partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Health, NSF will create a state-of-the-art, food safety certification program that recognizes establishments using industry best practices.
11/11/2007Coping with Soaring Energy Costs
They turn off the lights and gas and install new equipment to cope with the rising expenses.
11/1/2007What's Hot and What's Not 2007
NRA's October 2007 survey of the American Culinary Federation. Chefs rate items as "hot," "passe" or "perennial favorite." 33% of chefs polled said the hottest trend in the kitchen is multi-purpose equipment. When asked where they learn about new food items, recipes and trends, 72% of chefs said trade magazines.
10/15/2007Breaking the Molds
Noncommercial sectors adopt new strategies, tactics and thinking to survive and grow.

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