How can I pay for my order?

What is the cost for shipping?

Are the items on this site in stock?

I have checked both your site and your catalog and still don't see the product I need. Where can I find it?

I need my order fast. How do I ensure that I will receive it in time to meet my deadline?

Why is Equipment Leasing Attractive?

How do I obtain a W-9 for Central Restaurant Products?

What Methods of Payment are Accepted Online?
Credit Card: We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express or Government Impact cards.
Check: You may pay by cashier's check, faxed check, money order, bank wire or business check. No counter checks accepted.
PayPal: Central now accepts PayPal for your online orders.
Purchase Orders: All military, public school and government purchase orders accepted.
Leasing Available: Enjoy equal monthly payments with our easy leasing option. Ask your product consultant for details. Leasing rates are subject to fluctuations in the money market, credit processing and credit approval. $1500 minimum leasing amount applies. Lease Calculator | Lease Application
Special Orders: Custom items and other items not shown in our catalog cannot be shipped C.O.D. and may required payment in advance. Contact your Product Specialist for more information.
Open Account: Please fill out the credit application to request an open account. Processing may require two business days.

Shipping Charges: Customers must pay all shipping charges unless item shown is marked Free Freight. See What is the cost for shipping? below for details.

What is the cost for shipping?
Our arrangements with freight truck and ground carriers allow us to provide some of the lowest rates available. Your order will be sent via the least expensive carrier, unless you specify otherwise. An estimated delivery date and cost can be provided. Please make arrangements for unloading at your location. If liftgate and/or inside delivery service is required, there will be additional charges. Shipping charges are added to your invoice.

Are the items on this site in stock?
Most of the products are in stock at our warehouse in Indianapolis. Generally we will be able to send your order out the same day as long as the order is received before 5:00 pm EST. Orders received after 5:00pm EST will usually ship the next business day. Orders received on Saturday/Sunday will be processed the next business day.

There may be instances, however, when we are temporarily out of stock on these items. In this case, you will be notified of the estimated shipping date via e-mail as soon as possible.

I have checked both your site and your catalog and still don't see the product I need. Where can I find it?
We work with nearly 350 manufacturers offering the industry's best equipment and supplies. We know where to go for hard-to-find and custom-made items to suit any application. If you can't find what you're looking for, just ask. We can find the perfect product to fit your need.

I need my order fast. How do I ensure that I will receive it in time to meet my deadline?
If you need your order faster than the standard time noted in the Shipping Information section of this site, please call or e-mail us before submitting your order. One of our knowledgeable product consultants will research the best way to get you your order on time in the least expensive manner.

Why is Equipment Leasing Attractive?
Leasing is the modern tool used by business and industry to gain the use of equipment and furnishings. This method is employed more and more frequently because it eliminates large cash outlays required for outright purchases and allows these funds to be used for other investment purposes.

Ownership of equipment alone will not produce revenue. It is the use of equipment which is productive. When viewed from this perspective, leasing is frequently less expensive.

Some advantages of lease financing are:

  1. Conservation of Capital:
    Cash remains untouched and available for other profitable purposes.
  2. Tax Savings and Improved Cash Flow:
    The full cost of leasing can often be treated as an expense deduction for income tax purposes and may result in a larger tax deduction than if you were claiming a depreciation expenses. This can mean substantial tax savings and improved cash flow.
  3. Easier Allocation of Cost:
    Costs of individual equipment or systems can be better analyzed, controlled and reduced because of direct allocation. No hidden costs.
  4. Leaves Bank Lines Untouched:
    Normally, a lender will not reduce a line of credit when equipment is leased. However, when the equipment is financed, it consumes available credit.
  5. Cleaner Balance Sheet:
    Lease payments may be entered as footnote items on a balance sheet and may not increase your liabilities as a loan does. This is important to obtain additional credit.
  6. Helps Overcome Budget Limits:
    Since a lease is generally treated as an expense rather than as a capital expenditure, room can often be created for monthly rentals.
  7. Convenience:
    Convenience is a surprisingly important part of leasing's appeal-both from the equipment vendor and end user standpoint. What businessperson needs the additional hassle of "scratching-up" long term capital financing when New Equipment Leasing is ready, willing and able to do it for him?
  8. Easy Payment Calculation and Application:
    Lease Calculator | Lease Application

How do I obtain a W-9 for Central Restaurant Products?
Please download the W-9 document here ,or email your request to credit@centralrestaurant.com

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