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ENERGY STAR® Quailfied Commercial Cooking Equipment - Save Energy, Save Money

“2.5x more energy is consumed per square foot in the kitchen than any other commercial area.”

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Commercial Ovens
Commercial convection ovens are the most widely used appliances in the foodservice industry. These are the workhorses of the commercial kitchen, with a wide variety of uses from baking and roasting to warming and reheating. In addition to traditional uses, convection ovens are used for nearly all types of food preparation. Commercial ovens that have earned the ENERGY STAR® are about 20% more energy-efficient than standard models.

Commercial Deep Fryers
ENERGY STAR® commercial deep fryers include both gas and electric models. These fryers offer shorter cook times and higher production rates through advanced burner and heat exchanger designs. Frypot insulation reduces standby losses resulting in a lower idle energy rate. On average, electric ENERGY STAR® fyers save you $80 annually on utility costs, while gas ENERGY STAR® fryers often save you a whopping $600 annually! Look below for our offering of ENERGY STAR® fryers.

Commerical Steamers
ENERGY STAR® commercial steamers include both gas and electric models. These steamers offer shorter cook times, higher production rate and reduced heat loss due to better insulation and more efficient steam delivery systems. The average ENERGY STAR® commercial steamer uses just two gallons of water per hour, compared to 25 to 30 gallons per hour for standard models. These units can often save an average of $550 annually on utility bills and reduce water usage by 90% when compared to standard models! Look below for our offering of ENERGY STAR® steamers.

Warming and Holding Equipment
ENERGY STAR® warming and holding equipment are 60% more energy efficient than standard models. They are more efficient at maintaining food temperature while using less energy to do so. ENERGY STAR® warming and holding equipment incorporate better insulation, reducing heat loss and may also offer additional energy saving devices such as magnetic door gaskets, auto-door closures or dutch doors. The insulation of the equipment also offers better temperature uniformity within the equipment from top to bottom. ENERGY STAR® warming and holding equipment can save you an average of $430 annually on your utility costs! Look below for our offering of ENERGY STAR® warming and holding equipment.

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