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Deck Ovens

Deck Ovens

What size pizzas and how many will you need to bake at one time?

  • Free standing deck ovens are great for a variety of sizes and can be quite versatile in the type of products which can be baked.
  • Countertop deck ovens can bake pizzas from 10" diameter up to 20" diameter in some models.

Will menu items other than pizza be produced in the oven?

  • If yes, the deck height needs to be considered. For example, a whole chicken needs more height than a pizza. Remember: the higher the deck height, less heat is retained.

What type of dough will be used?

  • Countertop units of 3200 watts or more are great for fresh dough
  • All other units are better for par-baked or frozen dough. Our model #595-151 is the only deck oven we advertise that cooks only par-baked pizzas.

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